Teachers Yesterday. Teachers Today.

Recently, I reconnected with one of my own high school English teachers. We found each other on Facebook and I enjoyed our quick back and forth. However, calling her by her first name still caused a hitch each time I typed it. It’s amazing how ingrained it is to have that “Mr./Mrs. LastName” inclination evenContinue reading “Teachers Yesterday. Teachers Today.”

Alan Turing is the War Hero We Were Looking For.

This weekend I saw AMERICAN SNIPER (AS) and THE IMITATION GAME (TIG). Here are my conclusions: • TIG is a superior film about a superior story. The filmmakers told the struggle of Alan Turing with greater fidelity than Eastwood did for Chris Kyle • Whether or not someone is a war hero is entirely contextual.Continue reading “Alan Turing is the War Hero We Were Looking For.”

Black & White…or Gray.

This essay is an attempt to make sense of the conflicting perspectives I’ve encountered regarding the events surrounding law enforcement and people of color. The names have been changed where necessary to protect the perspectives of my current and former students who have entered into this conversation with me. “Mr. Nentrup, did you see theContinue reading “Black & White…or Gray.”

Oye Como Va

Reading @RabeckaKrill’s recent post for @SchoolKeep, I got to thinking about the need for  all involved in today’s education system to be able to speak with fluency, both online and face-to-face modalities of teaching and learning. For today’s online instructors and program managers, what’s most important now, but will eventually dissipate, is the challenge ofContinue reading “Oye Como Va”