My NaNoWriMo Workflow

As I was talking to a friend about her process for NaNoWriMo, I couldn’t help but ask what she was writing with. I realized my process was a bit whackjob after describing it to her, but there’s a rationale. Here’s my workflow for the contest, starting ENTIRELY in the browser, of which I’m fond ofContinue reading “My NaNoWriMo Workflow”

Ohio’s Transformation Into Texas

We teachers who espouse progress and continuous improvement of our craft really need to consider the source when reviewing the criticisms and allegations of Mark Smith. This Buckeye is the president of Ohio Christian University, and leaving me in disbelief that neither John Boehner nor John Kasich are no longer the most annoying, paranoid, simple-minded,Continue reading “Ohio’s Transformation Into Texas”

How Poverty Taxes the Brain – Emily Badger – The Atlantic Cities

How Poverty Taxes the Brain – Emily Badger – The Atlantic Cities. The article opens with a brilliant premise about the limitations of human mental bandwidth. Reminiscent of our shared desire to have supernatural Jedi telekinetic powers, we are all easily able to convince ourselves that we can handle more than we actually can withContinue reading “How Poverty Taxes the Brain – Emily Badger – The Atlantic Cities”

Mark Anderson & The Common Core

We teachers are pats of butter skittering across a hot skillet every time the Common Core comes up these days. From the distaste of the Badass Teacher’s Association and their Luddite response to the CCSS, to the uproar over Tony Bennett’s recent political mishap, The CCSS is becoming a bucket to kick and that needsContinue reading “Mark Anderson & The Common Core”

The Designing Teacher

As teachers, we’re too often flying blind with the data systems provided for us. It’s not our administrators’ fault because so much of the education technology industry has gotten by releasing shoddy software. You know what I’m talking about. A Student Information System that can only easily allow a teacher to enter attendance and grades.Continue reading “The Designing Teacher”

Audrey & Seymour

When I encounter fellow firebrands in the field, nothing is more exciting than when they connect and collaborate. It’s like the Monsters of Rock tour but with more brain cells than Metallica and Guns ‘n’ Roses shared cumulatively in the late ’90s. Such an occurrence has happened with‘s luminary, Audrey Waters as she recentlyContinue reading “Audrey & Seymour”

How We Explain.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how we explain things to each other, and what components make meaning happen. Starting next week, I’m teaching a visual communication course that I’ve been planning for, and a conversation I had today with Fahad Hassan (@FahadHassan), founder of the education data visualization company, reminded meContinue reading “How We Explain.”