Airguns Don’t Kill, Confused People Do.

I know these posts from me aren’t appealing, but I mentioned some weeks back that nearby at the Southport, IN Meijer, Kim and I found a Crosman air rifle VERY similar to the MK-177 model, “open box” at knee high height. If you recall, I brought up to nearby sales clerk that this wasn’t safeContinue reading “Airguns Don’t Kill, Confused People Do.”

This Uncharted Desert Isle.

Islands often conjure images of blissful vacation. The sand. The water. The coconuts. An envious isolation from the toils of the mainland. However, islands just as often lack any semblance to a quintessential tropical paradise. Instead, they are the rocky prisons of the wayward and shipwrecked. Over the past two years, the Indiana Department ofContinue reading “This Uncharted Desert Isle.”

The Fordham Institute Throws in the Towel on the Common Core.

…or so you might think. Just to prove that my indignation about the Indiana State Legislature’s decision to upend our investment in academic higher standards isn’t me being an erratic firebrand, I encourage you to read the article posted by The Fordham Institute, “On Common Core, We Cry Uncle“. It’s tone is a bit ofContinue reading “The Fordham Institute Throws in the Towel on the Common Core.”

As I’ve been talking about, the institution and subsequent repeal of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is the perfect example of a sensible conversation that is completely derailed by misinformation for purely political gain. There are others, but this one I have a bit of a corner on, as a practitioner of curriculum designContinue reading

Misguided War on the Common Core? At VERY least.

I think Bloomberg’s David Shipley does an excellent post-mortem on the completely political “state overreach” by Governor Mike Pence and State Senator Scott Schneider in repealing Indiana’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Based upon the draft of the *new* Indiana College & Career Readiness Standards (which for better or worse, THIS EnglishContinue reading “Misguided War on the Common Core? At VERY least.”

Let’s Get Logical.

Long time readers know I’m passionate for good design trumping bad design—especially if the bad design is only en vogue because it’s the *convention*. Logical punctuation is one of those things. We designed language (contrary to those who believe a literal interpretation of the Tower of Babel story). We designed grammar (much to many’s chagrin).Continue reading “Let’s Get Logical.”

How NaNoWriMo Illuminates Craft.

Two weeks into #NaNoWrimo, I’m feeling the fatigue–not just of writing, but of our recent tumult in Kim’s job loss, and dealing with it accordingly. I took Friday/Saturday off and killed it today, netting over 4200 words, and bringing my running total up to 27,582. This translates into 110 pages of my manuscript thus farContinue reading “How NaNoWriMo Illuminates Craft.”