On A Positive Note.

Considering the devolution of Facebook commentary into polarizing topics that never yield meaningful debate, I’m curious about what we can do to use that space for interaction as an incubator of good things. Is it possible we can stay connected with each other in the present and NOT talk about such topics, yet do so without shying away from the issues that need to be discussed? How do you grapple with the tough issues without sliding down the slope toward offense?

Certainly we’re capable of it. Certainly we can be courteous and still discuss things like religion and politics’s impact on our society without it being an empty showing of rhetoric.

I’m not sure how to do it though.

What I am sure about is the changes I’ve made in my ideologies over the past decade. I feel as though they have been significant—on par with razing the structure to the ground and starting over on an entirely different foundation. This impacts my sense of identity along with my priorities for shaping my decisions. I’m in by no way interested in evangelizing others to see things my way; just offering my perspective to further conversation as we do this entire thing together.

If there’s anything I’d like to convey specifically, it’s that as forever growing and learning creatures, I believe we can allow evidence to change us fundamentally and when that occurs, to share those experiences in a way that provokes a conversation for testing those conclusions, comparing to other conclusions, and ultimately enjoying the process of evolving our perspectives over our relatively short lives.

I’m certain this is threatening to some, and that there’s something to be said for staying the course on certain issues, in spite of the changing tide of public opinion. However, there are at least as many coin flips that indicate the need to continue to look for a better way than the current or traditional one, if we’re ever going to make the progress necessary.

And so I’m eager to put that forward as a bit of a credo for governing my own sharing with others, particularly in the vacuum of posting things online. Thoughts?


One thought on “On A Positive Note.

  1. Good thoughts, Eric.

    I too long for this to be the case–but social media often fosters the worst in us, not the best.

    One question… you say:
    “I’m in by no way interested in evangelizing others to see things my way; just offering my perspective to further conversation as we do this entire thing together.”

    I wonder if this is really true… when you believe something strongly is true–don’t you want others to see it that way as well? Isn’t there a desire to convince others of the truth of it?

    If so, in my book that means that much of the empty rhetoric and bombastic offensive stuff on social media “doesn’t work” and in fact pushes away people. That’s my reason for wanting a more tame conversation. But I’m under no pretense that I don’t want people to change their minds. I do. For instance, I want to be somewhat tame in the stuff I post about Immigration Reform, so I don’t push people away. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want reform, and don’t want as many people to change their minds as possible that are opposed to it and want the status quo to continue. I am in every way “interested in evangelizing others to see things my way” in your words.


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