Let’s Get Logical.

Long time readers know I’m passionate for good design trumping bad design—especially if the bad design is only en vogue because it’s the *convention*. Logical punctuation is one of those things. We designed language (contrary to those who believe a literal interpretation of the Tower of Babel story). We designed grammar (much to many’s chagrin). Thus, we can afford to change it to suit not just our needs, but our rationale thinking.

In the past, I’ve linked to the article on Slate discussing the advent of logical punctuation. Today, I’m sharing another article, one from the up and comer, Grammarly.com, with a VERY helpful infographic.

So, for what it’s worth, I have to tell my students to do it the illogical way but I don’t hide from them the fact that the logical way is a better design (and damn easier to comprehend, apply, and remember as time goes by).



One thought on “Let’s Get Logical.

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