I’m Going To Game 4 of the World Series!


My wife is the most wonderful woman on the planet. She dilligently clicked through the online ticket system and thanks to her persistence, I’m GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!Holy cow. I can NOT believe she was able to get tickets. I’m sitting in the Left Field Pavilion area, section 154.If you haven’t been following the news about this, it’s been quite controversial, and to even get these tickets has been an absolute shock to me. I’ve been quite the Rockies fan this season, and this is simply too much to absorb.So here’s what’s going to happen:

  • Games 1 & 2 are being played at Fenway on Wed/Thurs. Then Sat/Sun/Mon are for Games 3/4/5, before returning to Fenway if necessary.
  • The Rockies beat the Red Sox in regular season inter-league play 2 out of 3 games. Of course everybody and their goldfish know that the Rockies are on a TEAR winning 21 of their last 22. For the record, once again, I was at the ONLY loss of that streak, as well as seeing their final regular season win, both against the D-Backs who the Rockies recently swept to clinch the NLCS Pennant.
  • But the Red Sox have gotten on their horse in the ALCS and put the Indians to shame, climbing back from a 3-1 deficit and shutting them down with 3 wins in a row, and winning the American League Pennant.
  • While they did that, the Rox were on an 8 day baseball hiatus after 8 games of postseason play and 163 games of regular season competition dating back to April. It’s the longest break you could possibly have between games in the continuous regular-to-post season calendar.
  • The Rockies payroll tops out at $55M and the Redsox nearly triple that at $143M. But in spite of that, our starters, our bullpen, our defense–man…they are playing at a level that borders on insanity. It’s ridiculous.
  • Nobody outside of Denver knows the Rockies. And EVERYBODY knows the Red Sox. Beyond that…Denver’s such a transient city that a good number of folks who are residents here are from back East and therefore could have the gall to show up wearing Red Sox garb.

The stats, variables, mojo, luck, and x-factors go on and on. No one knows how this match-up will play out. And if you dig out that 3 week old Sports Illustrated or revisit the blogs of the baseball gurus, you’ll see that they had NO IDEA that Colorado would do what they’ve done.They’re the underdog. They’re the anomaly. They’re my team.Go Rockies!


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