Rox 0, Sox 2

Thursday night, I was supposed to watch Game 2 over at Doug Yager’s house, but my car broke down en route. Getting stranded in traffic on Denver’s I-25 not only kept me from seeing the game, but kept me from listening to most of it as well.The tow truck delivered me back home in time for the final two innings. I got home just in time to be embarrassed for Matt Holliday who was caught leaning the wrong direction by Jonathan Papelbon. Dang was that just ugly.Other than that, here’s what I’ve seen transpire in these two games at Fenway:

  • The Rockies are awake. It was a rude awakening from an 8-day slumber, but they are definitely awake and not a moment too soon. Hopefully it’s not too late, either.
  • The Red Sox pitching is astounding. From Beckett to Papelbon, and the boys from Japan…man. These guys hurl as good or better than anyone else.
  • Youklis is a MENACE. I’m starting to think that if he gets to first base, you might as well color in the diamond on the scorecard because he most likely will stomp the plate.
  • The Rockies pitching needs to gain corporate confidence. Herges is the only one I’ve seen throwing with authority. Fuentes is getting there, but closer and the starters need to amp it up. Take risks, throw MORE heat, and quit walking and hitting batters!
  • Coors Field, no DH, and another game that revs the RPM’s for Hurdle’s Heroes, it should tip the scales to a ridiculous degree in favor of the Team From Blake Street. The Sox are going to be out of sorts in Denver and the commentators just might poop their pants when the table turns.

There. I said it. The next three games belong to the Rox. And when we return to Fenway for 6 & 7, the Sox will be so tired from the beating they’ll gladly hand us their chowder.Go Rox.Eric, out.


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