Rox v. Sox…Tix?

When it was announced recently that tickets for the World Series games held at Coors Field in Denver, would be sold EXCLUSIVELY online, it was met with a fair amount of skepticism–folks spoke out about the fairness to those who don’t have internet access, along with nixing the tradition camping out at the box office. But the REAL issue that has bit the MLB in the butt is whether or not the computer hardware and software could handle the THOUSANDS (if not millions) of honest fans and less honest scalpers all vying for that precious bandwidth this morning at 10am.The answer: OF COURSE NOTAs of 2:30pm/MST today, the issue has yet to be resolved.For what it’s worth, I WILL be trying to get tickets to either Game 4 or Game 5 (if necessary). And this foible might give me another shot!


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