Rock On! World Series Next!


I can’t believe it…it’s un-frickin-believable! The Colorado Rockies are GOING to the big dance–the World Series! They are the undisputed champs of the National League, and quite possibly the classiest group of men in professional sports. The pennant truly belongs to them.Tonight, the Rox SWEPT the Arizona Diamondbacks, 6-4 in an historic accomplishment in Major League Baseball, being the first team since the 1995 institution of the Wild Card to ever sweep both the first and second rounds of competition, and only the second team since my beloved 1976 Big Red Machine to go undefeated at this point of the post-season. They are 7-0 with no signs of stopping.In fact, why don’t we play BOTH of the American League contenders! I seriously think we can handle BOTH, the Red Sox AND the Indians.Not two weeks ago, I sat with my friend Chris Laurent at Coors Field, and we witnessed the ONLY loss the Rockies have suffered in 22 games. And now, they’re permanently on the map. This is sports history at the highest level, and if you can’t tell yet, yes, I am smitten with this team. I am addicted to the Rockies, and I’m thrilled to be living in Denver where it’s all going down!Go Rockies!


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