My Rockies Got Game.


Today I couldn’t help it. I HAD to go to Coors Field to day and see the Rockies play in a pivotal game against Arizona.The Rox have had the SLIMMEST chance to snag the wildcard position for the NL pennant race, and with ALL the things that had to fall in place to make this happen, by golly, the Blake Street Bombers put it to the Diamondbacks and now, they’re going to a RARE tie-breaker tomorrow with San Diego since the Pad’s lost to Milwaukee.On top of that, as you can see in this picture, I caught my first ever baseball at an MLB game. The kid is a total stranger. His name is Mitch. The Coors Field Photographer assumed we were together, but honestly, the only interest we had in each other was a deal to try and get each other a ball.During batting practice, there’s all sorts of opportunities to get a free horsehide and kids have a better chance. So I promised Mitch I would yell and sell to the players shaggin’ flies near the warning track to get Mitch TWO balls, one of which would be mine. Not 10 minutes later, a humdinger aimed right at me came down and thudded off my right hand and landed close enough between the bleachers for me to dive headfirst and swallow it up before another fan got to it.You want me to tell you that I graciously gave the ball to Mitch. But I decided what was worth to this wee lad was how I modeled the virtue of sacrificing personal dignity and a little skin to accomplish a lifelong dream. Mitch, bro, you’re young and you have more time than I do. Hence why I kept it. Unfortunately my salesmanship with the D-Backs didn’t net you the second ball of our deal. Tough Noogies. But, vaya con Dios, little hombre, and someday when you’re in your thirties and still trying to check off stuff your “childhood dreams” list, you’ll remember how unashamed I was in flinging my body to the cement to snag this glorious souvenir.’Twas a good day. And Go Rockies!!!


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