Hacking my blog….

Taking my site to the next level is something I can waste all sorts of time on. And I’m not just talking about the header graphic or whatnot. But I’m surprised to move into this community of coders and tweakers who go to the utmost lengths to add certain features to their sites. That’s my “semi-intellectual” way of saying I’ve got a LOT to learn. PHP, MySQL management, let alone just learning HTML. Anyhow…My immediate goals are for locking up a workflow with plenty of options for posting and editing. Last night, I was writing a post with a recipe for my White Chili and lost it when I inadvertently hit command-Q while trying to close a finished browser window. Of course it wasn’t saved, and since I was at the WordPress admin window, I never got a prompt to save before quitting. That sucked and I don’t want to do that again. So I’m looking at how to use MacJournal to post, and at the moment, I’m writing this from my “post by email” option. I’ll figure this out in the days ahead. I feel like I need to get this down and out of my peripheral so I can actually WRITE. Sounds like an excuse, huh?


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