Geek, Geek, Geek…

Okay…So, I’ve read through some of my posts from awhile back and compared with them now, they were a whole lot more interesting. I apologize for that. This post will conclude the recent trend of geeky-ness.I’m writing this post on MarsEdit, which is made by Ranchero Software and one of MANY cool tools for Mac Users (check ’em out Chris, Rob, Johnny, Mel, etc.). So…In summary, I’ve reserved, downloaded and installed WordPress on my HOSTING service at, and am locally writing my blogs on my PowerBook using Ranchero’s MarsEdit as my “blogprocessor” if you will. I guess I’m telling you this so that you mac user’s out there will follow suit, and geek out with me!Alright. I’m about to go hang a new door in the kitchen (leading to the garage). Did you know that in Indiana, to be incompliance with state code, you MUST use an exterior door? Well, that’s what the guy at Menard’s said. Nonetheless, I’ve gotta go do that. It’s funny how home improvement tasks have ONE CORE task and then a trickle down effect throughout the house. So…”trickle down task” for the day, secure the home from criminals and the elements with a sturdy, yet economical steel door. Check.


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