Apple Store Keystone…

I’m writing this post from the Apple Store in Indianapolis. I’m doing this on a 2.5ghz G5 PowerMac but that’s not the impressive thing. It’s attached to Apple’s new Cinema Display, the THIRTY INCH model. It’s the most amazing display I’ve ever seen. It bests any HD Plasma screen at the electronics store. And at $3500, I’m sure it should give ’em an honest run for the money.Anyhow, I have Final Cut Pro open and am futzing around with the demo project. I should mention it’s in native 720p HD and it feels NO DIFFERENT than working with DV. Makes me feel UNDER EQUIPPED in several capacities. I have GOT to get me one of these!The likelihood isn’t to certain. But I can have my technolust.Others want to play. Must sign off.


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