Vanilla & Cherry Creme Sodas…

Breaking Cabin Fever with a visit to Johnny Carino’sI’m bridging the gap between the lunch and dinner crowds at Columbus’ most recent pseudo-Italian Restaurant. It’s got a warm atmosphere, and the sodas are great. Kim discovered them first. But I discovered their Jalapeno Tilapia our first dinner here. Their bar is quite well-stocked, though I haven’t come over just for a beer yet. Some night I shall.Sunday, Kim and I picked up a paper for the real estate section (which we learned comes in SATURDAY’s edition) and on the front page, right under Survivor, Rupert Boneham’s pictorial, was an article that cited city officials in business and tourism as exploring the marketing of Columbus as a RETIREMENT COMMUNITY! And this pissed me off. For some reason that really has NO bearing on my day to day life, I take offense that my town would become a pleated-khaki’s and pastel wearing, condo-dweller’s paradise. I guess after wanting for an eternity to feel as though I and other twenty/thirty-somethings mattered, I heard this as a bold-faced, “NOT REALLY.”And this comes up because I’m the only person sitting in this restaurant clicking away on their notebook. And I feel as though I’m the only person in this town who even know’s what a “blog” is. There are TWO weak-ass attempts at a coffee shop in this town, both of which are closed by 7pm, and the bars are inhabited by folks my age but who actually WANT to drink Coors Light with the country music blaring.Yes, I know I’m selfish and picky. But I can’t believe I’m the only person in this town with my desires. Certainly there are others out their who like their coffee AND their beer on the strong side, and want to just hang out in a nice pub or coffeeshop or deli or eatery of some sort.Rant over.So, I’ll enjoy my Vanilla & Cherry Creme Sodas and perhaps if I start coming here with my notebook, they’ll throw up a wifi connection and make this place a hotspot. I guess somebody has to lead the charge.


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