Sattaday, Sattaday

A Beautiful Morning…It’s only 7:30am and I’m up and at ’em today. My Friday night/Saturday morning productivity is frightening. I can’t explain it. Procrastinated Productivity? Who knows. I think I’m just getting older. Or, I’m so seasonally governed (and only becoming more so) that I can’t sleep after the sun is up, regardless of how much I’ve slept. I was considering a hike today, but with the weather report being fairly touch n’ go, I think I’ll do the much more satisfying task of committing myself to working on some writing. But first, a funny story.So, I’m watching this segment on Dateline last night about hypergraphia, the obsession to write. This gal they profiled can’t stop writing. And she’s convinced that she has to get all of her thoughts down on paper. Here’s a link to some info about hypergraphia if you’re curious. In fact, it is a wonderful excerpt from the book, “The Midnight Disease” by Alice Weaver Flaherty. Interesting stuff. Of course, I read it and think I’m screwed! I can’t figure out if I have hypergraphia or am blocked! Paranoia looms as I consider that I might have a mild bi-polar disorder. And then of course, I think, but if that’s what it takes to have success at writing, bring it on!Of course I exaggerate. Nonetheless, it’s a fascinating topic and take on creativity. Especially after reading Julia Cameron’s work on creative writing.Well….I’m thinking about getting a laser printer instead of forking over $65 to replace my ink cartridges AGAIN, so I’m going to stop the blog, read some reviews and then do some writing.


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