US Grand Prix

Eric…In the Pits…on the infamous “Yard of Bricks”Sunday, I’m going to 5th running of the US Grand Prix courtesy of my good friend Dan Mustard. But today I got a preview, as our tickets allowed us entrance into the Pits for a walkabout. There wasn’t much excitement (no engines being fired up, no driver practice, etc.) but it was a great primer for me, a relative newbie to the whole Formula One game. It’s pretty neat how ecstatic our European and South American friends become over this sport. I saw quite a few folks with their faces painted, Prancing Pony flags a-flying, and a whole bunch of nationalities being celebrated even yet today, 3 days before the race. The sad thing is, most of the American population is pretty well “spent” after the Indy 500 JUST 3 1/2 weeks ago! The move of the race from a fall running to the beginning of summer seems to have an anti-climactic effect, as far as the media’s concerned. But since so many travelers are here from abroad, who really cares if the Wal-Mart crowd doesn’t appreciate the obvious superiority of this race.So, I’ll take my IMPORTED BEER, my snobby attitude, and look forward to the big race.


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