Doing those things you don’t want to do.

Yesterday was one of those days where I spend all sorts of time doing the administrative equivalent to eating my vegetables…There were bills to be paid, credit card accounts yet to close (from rolling them into my biz loan), and there was a bunch of other piddly stuff to get done.As I neared the bottom of my “inbox” (which is now a fairly large Rubbermaid container with a snap on lid), I came across an unfamiliar envelope and upon opening it, found a letter from our mayor, endorsing the work of a Rochester, NY based company for producing multimedia content for Columbus’ state funded website. This lit my fuse. Now, if you’re reading and need some bearings, I live in the fairly small town of Columbus, Indiana, of about 40K. I produced our mayor’s campaign ads last summer and for me to see him endorsing another producer, albeit one from bloody New York, you can imagine my anger. So I started making phone calls.I quickly learned that this outfit is a group of wheeler-dealers who strong arm communities into buying their SHODDY work. I checked it out. And you can to by going here and watching the sample. They go by the name of CGI Communications or eLocal Link. I honestly don’t know enough about them to say much more. All I know is that they’re in MY kitchen and eating MY pie!!! That’s enough for me to say get the hell out of here. Of course, that has to be done with a Hugh Grant from Mickey Blue Eyes English cum New Yorker accent.So, dealing with that, unbeknownst to me at the moment, put me in a foul mood for the remainder of the afternoon. When I was grumpy with my family later in the day, I felt pretty silly about it. I need to be able to put out fires, make confrontations (especially business ones) without getting as emotional about it. I need better “partitions” for my emotions so that when I finish that task and move on to my workout or creative writing, or hanging with fam/friends, I don’t drag that emotional aftershock with me and impose it on them.Well, I’m on my way to a meeting now. It’s the 3rd meeting with this client and I’m hoping to close the deal with them. They need my services, I need their work.Until later, make sure you watch the latest Strongbad cartoon.


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