Playin’ big city

I’m sitting in the downtown restaurant “Jackie Blues,” using their bandwidth and being a mobile professional this morning.Well, PRETENDING to be one. Kim left on her trip today, and I’m batchin’ it all week. Of course, I’ve wasted NO time planning out my time-wasters…I’m heading to Indy this afternoon for a round of Disc Golf with Rob, and then on over to Shallo’s in Greenwood. They have something like over 200 beers and the best wings & rings around. But between here and there I have a workout, client meeting at the gym, and a 2-hour writing session that I’m warming up for right now.I was thinking about my reluctance, or inability to get creative writing done–procrastination, planned negate (which is intentionally doing something else you’ve been procrastinating so you can further put off the bigger challenge), legitimate time commitments, etc. and have come to the conclusion that the psychological battle that one wages with oneself is far more difficult than the work itself. So, that said, I shouldn’t have any problem getting the work done, right? RIGHT!!?!?I’ve got some clip on “Virgin” ear-buds that I picked up from Target for $10. They work pretty well, but I TOTALLY see why folks get noise-canceling headphones or in-ear models instead. They’re vacuuming in here as well as have the radio, tv and people to deal with. Ironically, I’m listening to the iTunes Radio broadcast of Virgin Radio UK. It’s become my fave net radio station …that is after started to charge. Bastards.Oh well. we all have to make a living and most things worth having are worth paying money for. Yeah, I don’t believe that. Anyhow, I just heard an ad for UPS that had the line in it, “You can’t have everything, I mean, where would you PUT IT ALL?” It thought that was pretty funny.Man, the Starbucks isn’t kicking in at all for me today. I so want to just go back to bed. But I will not. I won’t give in to that temptation! So, I better publish this blog entry and get my screenplay opened up so I can click away at it!


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