An Homage To Three Day Weekends That Sneak Up On You Like A Mean Uncle.

I’m sitting in my front yard on an an UN-seasonably cool afternoon, in light of recent heat we’re experiencing in Indiana. Having already finished all my work for the week, and cut the grass, I just popped the cap off a bottle of Rolling Rock. I’ve been a bit fatigued lately…as I’m sure the past month has caught up with me. Immediately, though I just can’t believe this is a 3-day weekend. I feel a bit guilty for not being aware of it until now–like I should’ve had something significant planned. I’ll just watch the race.Nonetheless, I’m feeling pretty good about the week I just finished. I’ve been knocking off projects like milk bottles at the county fair, and it seems as soon as I do, another one takes their place. In the past, that’s worn me mighty thin. But now, the pacing is JUST right.Tangent due to circumstances. I’m watching the neighborhood kids, and two chubby girls are riding around on one of those electric carts you always see on the late night infomercials. I have NO CLUE which of the area elderly they knocked off to procure this SWEET ride. And by their skillful and clever deployment, the vehicle is QUITE the off-roadster. I had no idea.My friend Rudy leaves after this weekend for 6 weeks of service on an Air Force Base in Alabama. He’s just completed his first year of Seminary and is training for placement as a Chaplain. I’m going to miss him this summer and I wish the best for him and his wife during this time. Tonight, as he goes to surprise his wife with a night out, we’re going to go let his Schnauzers out and take advantage of his big-screen TV. On yet another note, I just read Wil Wheaton’s famous blog and learned his webserver got blitzed by some cheap hack. As I learn more and more HTML and other web stuff, it’s kind of disheartening that so many bored geeks out there have nothing fruitful to do. And its hard to sound anything other than a pansy to write commentary on it. I think I’m enjoying the notion of blogging as a public journal. If I keep with it, I’ll see it’s more practical benefits once I more closely understand all I can do with it and other web tools.Speaking of which, I’m in the middle of my first commercial website. It’s a tradeout with a local compay for thier services. But that’s a GREAT way for me to make a foray into another medium. Especially because it seems EVERBODY and their dog want a website. So, perhaps I can dig this new medium. What I like about it is the way my DVD-Authoring skillset has transferred over. If Apple came out with an iNet or iWeb or Web Studio Pro, I’d probably snag it. I’m using’s Freeway Express right now and it’s got plenty of pony for my needs. I plan on going straight into my own corporate website to replace THIS under construction page, as well as my own personal sight that will eventually be tethered to this blog.Well, I’m fully expecting a vehicle to pull into my driveway at some point. My wife would be one of those and the other would be my friend Chris Ray. He’s living in Indy but coming down to C-Town tonight. His late mother’s home just sold and it’s only been on the market for a VERY short time. That’s unheard of in this town and gives me a bit of hope as we consider the not too distant future decision to upgrade ourselves. Chris may be with a highschool friend, maiden name, Heather Goffinet, and I’d really like to see her. I’ve lately been thinking a bunch of my high school buds. This fall we’ll hold our 10th anniversary class reunion. Plans are underway, and that’s exciting. Should be a grand old time.Now that I’ve got the keyboard thoroughly warmed up, I’m thinking about my screenwriting. Last week, I got organized and am hoping I can follow through and actually get some screenwriting done in the weeks ahead. I have several stories that I need to develop further, and I know that I have some marketable ideas in there. Plus I know I can do this. Many times, lately, I’ve felt like, man, I HAVE to do this. I MUST become a screenwriter. It’s as though my small business can only carry Kim and I so far. And the best use of my time is going to be put into writing sellable screenplays.The software package I use for screenwriting is actually a Word template set called Scriptwerx. It gets the job done, but frankly, I’d like to be done with MS Office altogether, as it’s just too bulky. It takes too long to load, and who needs ALL the feature sets available ALL the time? I’ve been using an OS X word processor written in Cocoa named Mellel and dig it…but it’s WAY young in it’s development. I’ve spoken to the authors of both Scriptwerx and Mellel, and have reason to believe that before too long I’ll be able to use the Scriptwerx templates in Mellel. And if I have to write the macros myself, I probably will as Mellel becomes a bit more flexible.Well, considering how ALL OVER THE MAP this entry has been, perhaps I should take the momentum over to my screenwriting software and plug a few pages.


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