According to The Guardian


According to The Guardian, the Pope evidently decided that jihad wasn’t just for our olive-toned brethren in the East–maybe it’s a tactic we Christians should give the old college try also. Well, I say “we Christians” but evidently we’re not. There are plenty of days when I’ve not even wanted to be called a Christian–instead, call me a FOLLOWER OF JESUS. And Pope Benny makes me feel as though I have no choice.

The artist formerly known as John Ratzinger declares in his “Dominus Iesus” that I’m not a Christian and any church I’ve belonged to was phony “because of the absence of the sacramental priesthood.” And the article goes on to indicate that the Pope doesn’t care if his stance causes offense among protestants.

Much like other current abuses of power, this won’t help his approval ratings whatsoever. And much like I find myself saying, “I wish we could have Bill Clinton back,” now I find myself saying, “I wish we could have Pope John Paul back.”

Other writers that I follow and respect have been predicting a second reformation (i.e., Brother Maynard). I think the guantlet was just thrown down…I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ireland erupt along with other areas around the world and in our country (Boston…New York) where these tectonic plates just shifted.

I haven’t had a chance to read beyond the quotes in The Guardian article, but man–those sure do sound like fightin’ words to me.

Looks like we need another Luther.


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