The iPhone Cometh.


As insanity unfolds across the country, fueled by an obsession with the NEXT GREATTHING, Steve Jobsadmitsto the USA Today that he had the butterflies about the launch of the muchanticipated iPhone.It’s already been reviewed, criticized, ALL the risk-takers have staked theirclaim on whether or not the iPhone would be a flame or a flop, and only Mondaymorning’s opening bell on Wall Street is left to ring in (pun VERY muchintended) on the triumph of Apple’s newborn favorite son.Some bloke has already even posted the complete disassembly of this piece of artWell, as evidenced by the photo to the left, Jeff Roberts (KBM co-worker) and Iindulged our company loyalty to Apple and found a local AT&T where we didn’thave to throw body checks to get access to the coveted device. By the way…Itook the picture with the OTHER iPhone that was on display.I quickly dove into the various applications and functions, kicking the tires asfirmly and quickly as I could. So here’s my über-speedy assessment of theiPhone:

It’s all about the interface, baby!

Lately, I’ve been owning up to the fact that

Final Words.

The hype is ripe. This IS the schiznik. Me likes. But me can’t have right now.It truly is a glorious achievement in gadgetry.


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