31st Birthday.

I made it INTO my thirties! There’s something defining about 31–not as a milestone, because there’s not a lick of novelty in it. But last night, my wonderufl wife bought me a new fly rod, took me to the “Irish Snug” downtown for fish and chips plus the obligatory Birthday Pint of Guinness. So, I’m pretty happy today!I’m chuggin’ on some projects right now for our Itinerant Speakers that I’m pretty excited about:

  1. The Audiobook version of “Plan A: And There Is No Plan B” which is our president, Dwight Robertson’s book he co-wrote with Mark Vermilion. FYI: I have some FREE COPIES if you would like one or a few to pass out. Write me and they’re YOURS, first come first serve.
  2. I put together a small kit for our speakers I’m referring to as the “Itinerant iPod Toolbox.” with the help of Melanie Pherson, and my colleague Marty Reiswig, I figured out a fairly simple to use, high-quality way for our speakers to record their messages they give, they’re reports from events, etc. and it all centers around an iPod. Finally, I’m making in-roads towards resource development and marketing materials in the form of CD’s, podcasts, etc. by putting in their hands this power-packed kit.

We’re approaching our 1st anniversary of moving to Denver to work for KBM. Kim and I feel SO BLESSED by our tremendous team of supporters who’ve made this possible. Never having moved such a long distance away to an unfamiliar, it seems that it has taken longer than I had predicted to settle in and feel more at home in our house, and in our jobs.The concept of HOME is one that’s been on my mind lately. I’ve been studying the subject of the Kingdom of God, and “Home” is a recurring theme. So I’m a bit dialed into it.I was just over at Green House Ministries website reading up on Josh Buck’s progress. He still needs our prayers. He and Shelly are all the more longing for “home.” Josh has been staying at a rehab center, and they’re currently working on making the changes necessary so Josh can get around the house in a wheelchair. My heart still goes out to them as they adapt…and as they persist in hope for healing from God. Lord, please give it and give it fully, we beg of You.It’s time to get back to my projects, but I needed to stop by the site and refresh it today, being my birthday and all. I get cake at lunch today. Now THAT’s a bonus!


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