An Open Letter to’s Customer Service

**I am writing this in an effort to hold a seemingly untouchable web company accountable to providing sufficient service. For regular readers, I apologize for the rant — Eric**Dear Flickr…Last year, I signed up for a Pro account with [](, the online photo management and storage service, owned by Yahoo! I think you have a GREAT product. Many of my posts here at []( that contain an image were sent via your blog-posting tools. But though I’ve been quite the fan of Flickr, and a happy customer (TRYING DESPERATELY to be a repeat customer), my latest interaction is seriously jeopardizing my desire to be a customer of Flickr and also, my continued advocacy and referral of Flickr’s service.When my year subscription expired (to my account under “ericnentrup”), my sister bought me another year as a Christmas present. Thing is, it was applied to the WRONG account. Seems I started an account earlier in 2005 (under the name “enentrup”), but never uploaded anything to it–I was merely kicking the tires. And my OTHER account (“ericnentrup”) has TONS of photos on it that I don’t have stored anywhere else. And upon my confronting the HONEST mistake, Flickr’s reply is as follows:>From: Flickr Customer Support>Hi Eric,>It looks like she purchased an upgrade for your existing Flickr account “enentrup.” (The account has been in existence since May, 2005)>Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to merge or transfer your Pro subscription. Please sign in here>>with your email address or use this link to reset your Flickr password>>to access your Pro account.>Regards,>Ana>Flickr.comI find it hard to believe that “there isn’t any way to merge or transfer” my subscription.I’ve appealed, but it appears that Flickr is now ignoring me. Nonetheless, they’ve have accepted payment from my sister for $25 and refuse to make the change.I understand that there are stated disclaimers, but I mean, seriously. How much work is it to transfer the payment to the right account?I have asked Flickr to PLEASE do the right thing here and credit my account with the gift my little sister bought me. I’m certain Flickr doesn’t need any negative feedback and commentary for being stodgy about mixups when “gifts” are such a big part of their marketing as a SERVICE provider, with a link available on pretty much ANY user’s page as an option for a caring individual to upgrade their account.I trust you will reconsider your policy not just in my case but as a whole.Lastly, upon completion of the transfer, you can close the “enentrup”account. I had no idea it still existed prior to this incident.And I appeal to other Flickr Pro customers who have also experienced a similar situation to demand MORE from such companies as Flickr who have glaring holes in their customer service model.Sincerely and Expectantly,Eric Nentrup


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