Aurora, Colorado.

Kim and I safely and quickly made it all the way to our house in Aurora, Colorado at approximately 2:30pm Mountain Standard Time. I’m sitting in our empty living room tonight as Kim is settling down on our inflatable mattress.Our stuff (coming by way of a shipping service) has been delayed and won’t arrive until Sunday (3 days from now), which is an inconvenience we think the company should have avoided, but I’m not going to take it too personally yet. We’re just so glad to actually (and finally) be here that everything else can wait in turn.Dave and Holly fed us a terrific lasagna dinner this evening, and it’s so good to finally be neighbors with them. That of course is relatively speaking–they’re a good 15 minutes away, which in suburban Aurora, is normal if not terrific, whereas in Hope, Indiana or even Columbus, that was enough time to warrant not seeing a family for months on end!So, we’re finally here. In our empty house with our two beloved dogs.Thank you for your prayers AND for your partnership with us in ministry. We’ll be posting more soon as we settle in and get our feet under us.Much Love….Eric


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