It’s Official!

As many of you know, Kim and I have been in a time of transition from Indiana to Colorado, working to raise a team of prayer and financial supporters that would allow us to begin work at [Kingdom Building Ministries](

Well, it’s our joy to tell you that we have enough support to make the move and get started!After a year of preparation, support-raising meetings, selling our house, and our cars, living for 6 months with my gracious parents, we have set a moving date. April 26th, Kim and I are packing up a truck and carting our belongings 1,100 miles west to Aurora, Colorado.As you can imagine, we’re thrilled, yet also feeling the pressure of all the details needing to come together. The most noteworthy of which is CLEARLY communicating to our family and friends that our needs are FAR from being met to sustain us at KBM long-term.Even though we have been given the “green light” from the KBM Executive committee to begin work , we are STILL a long way from having a big enough support base to stay put with KBM past November of THIS year. We truly need more financial support to make this a reality. In addition to our full-time work during the week, we’ll be striving to build that support to meet our ultimate goal.And I just know God is big enough to make it work if He wants us at KBM, and I’m QUITE affirmed that He does!So…I just wanted to clarify and also make the announcement “official” today!## HOW YOU CAN HELPIf you haven’t yet made a decision about joining our support team, you can follow these two links for our [letter]( and our [pledge card]( has shown us that it’s “par for the course” for us to leave the safety of all things we know in Indiana and WALK BY FAITH, trusting that the rest of our monthly pledges and special financial gifts will come in before November. I mean, it’s just obviously HIS hand at work. We believe it. And that’s why we’re making our needs known.If you have friends, family members, and/or church families that you think need to hear about our work with KBM, please let us know. We would be thrilled to meet these connections of yours and make them aware of what God is doing through this small but potent ministry.If you’re the more practical type, you can pray about and/or offer some advice towards these particular needs we MUST lock down in the next couple of weeks:* A Place To Live: 2-3 bedrooms, we have two 25lb. dogs, within 20 minutes of the office, around $800/mo.* A Truck To Get Us There: I have some very conventional services lined up, but for all I know, SOMEONE that I know knows SOMEONE who has a big ole’ box truck that we could use and save money on our move….please let me know if you have any ideas!* A New Home Church in the Denver area: We’re being VERY open-minded about this–with an area as diverse as Denver, we want to take the opportunity to be a part of something we wouldn’t have the chance to in Indiana. We’re looking forward to settling down, and serving at a new church!As I look back over the difference a YEAR can make, I believe God has been chiseling away at me for some serious amount of time…well, serious relative to my thirty years. And I’m incredibly happy with Him caring so much to do so. And for that work, that process, to bring us to the point where we’re heading off to do what we’ve been planning to do for so long, and to get the joy of having my wife experience the same amount of heart-match simultaneously. It’s rare.Thanks to all who have, who are, and who will be making it possible for me and Kim to serve God in this way, at KBM.For the King…For the Kingdom.


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