I’m Thirty, and Humiliated.

So, I am pondering what witty and perhaps slightly wise thing I could do on my site to mark my 30th birthday (this past Wed. 3/22). When lo and behold, I check my inbox and have THIS staring at me.

Considering Indiana Wesleyan was a decidedly dry campus, I couldn’t blame some drunken evening on this horrendous example of “porn gone wrong.” And I HONESTLY didn’t have any recollection of it as I stared horrified at this tremendously unflattering blackmail.

Then I remembered.

This is why you should never let artist friends sell you on an idea to pose for a "reference photo." Or, why you should never let them keep said reference photos after they’re finished with their illustration or painting.

“I’m doing a study on *The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe* and I’d like you to pose as Mr. Tumnus, the, faun.” Well, of course! I’m flattered you’d ask! Take my shirt off? No problem. Wear a scarf? Sure! I’ve read the story, that makes sense! Don a wig? Uh…sure, I guess so, if my fading red stubble doesn’t do the trick, best do what’s necessary to get into character! Act alarmed? Okay…How’s THIS?

So, kudos to you Josh Brunet. If you weren’t so dang talented, I’d have to murder you. I love you brother. You got me good.


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