Pat Robertson Motivates Me.

I never thought I’d say THAT! But with Pat Robertson’s [recent comments](, I have to either ABANDON all organized efforts to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, or I have to decide that READY-FIRE-AIM “Me”-ologians like Señor Pat don’t represent me or Jesus when they open their dangerous yaps. I’ll choose the latter because Jesus is WORTH it. And because of this, his recent (and past for that matter) carelessness MOTIVATES ME. It motivates me to write, it motivates me to speak out, it motivates me to LIVE MORE CHRIST-LIKE in compassion, mercy, subordination, and trying to bring God glory by what I do and don’t say. In fact it’s the only way true Christ-followers can change the minds of the skeptics.Not too long ago, Pat Robertson’s COMPLETELY hypocritical statement would’ve sent me further adrift. But not now. I don’t want to live my life avoiding being lumped into the same group with this guy. In fact, I’ll be the first to tell you that the stupid things I say and do, if available on such a public platform would be the end of me. I KNOW we’re all imperfect and unable to perform without the help God gives us through His Word and supernaturally through his Spirit.But I don’t see how someone who KNOWS the truth of the Jesus’ teachings can EVER say that in front of a TV camera. And I know that Robertson’s not alone in his WRONG thinking. The President of a Christian Ministry that I produced video for in the past sat across the dinner table from me one afternoon and said matter-of-factly, “The U.S. should bomb China.” I about choked on my stir-fry. “What?” I asked him. “China has TOO MANY people and it’s just a matter of time before they mobilize against us. We need to pre-emptively bomb them into submission NOW.” I was stunned. This was beyond my thinking geo-politically, but theologically, I can’t disagree with this fellow more.Not being a big-time politico, I’ll spare the commentary on oil in Venezuela as well as the disturbing anti-U.S. rhetoric from Hugo Chavez. In fact, I refer you to the MUCH more Christ-like (and reality-conscious) [Jim Wallis]( His reply to Robertson’s stupidity gives me and other believers hope:>[Pat Roberston: An Embarassment to the Church](
It’s clear Robertson must not have first asked himself “What would Jesus do?” But the teachings of Jesus have never been very popular with Robertson. He gets his religion elsewhere, from the twisted ideologies of an American brand of right-wing fundamentalism that has always been more nationalist than Christian.And just think, this is the picture of Christianity that I and other grew up with! My brain can’t hold the opposing ideas that we have this [Manifest Destiny]( to fulfill. Two years ago, my grandpa went in for surgery to remove a lung claimed by cancer. I don’t think either of them would mind me saying that they’ve had PLENTY of skepticism towards conventional church over the years. That said, while we were at the hospital, my grandma’s sister (though well-intentioned) slipped a brochure into my grandma’s purse. I never saw it, but I know what it was–A TRACT. Granted, these things MAY have some evangelical return. For fear of permanently cementing in my wife’s psyche that I actually WANT to be a lighting rod for God’s wrath, I will give a slim sliver of credit to intentional efforts towards succinctly communicating God’s Love to others through a leaflet. But my first argument is that such a puny (and downright CHEAP) publication is more of a MOCKERY of God’s love for each one of us than it is an effective tool of communication. My friend Dave Drury (whom I just LOVE to quote on my site) recently shared with me the notion that passing out a printed publication back in the day was a SERIOUS expense to those believers who felt so compelled to create NEW ways to share the great story of Jesus with others. And that the equivalent today would be standing on a street passing out iPods loaded with Eugene Patterson’s “The Message” preloaded as an audiobook! It’s so true! And wouldn’t that be a killa program for your church or small group? See how many iPod Shuffles you could pass out in Jesus’ name!But my great-aunt slyly passed my grandma one of these outdated publications. She made sure it landed rightly in the waste basket. And I don’t blame her!The frustrating thing to me is not the outdated means in which we as Christ-Followers share what we’ve come to know and believe. My gripe is that too many people are out there doing more harm than good. On the humble side, it’s trying to SNEAK Christian propaganda in under the radar. And then there’s Pat Robertson. Either way, it’s the equivalent of sending The Boy Scouts of America to the frontlines in Iraq. And yet, I know that God still works through us anyway. He has a penchant for the incapable, underqualified, and poorly-outfitted. > We carry this precious Message around in the unadorned clay pots of our ordinary lives. That’s to prevent anyone from confusing God’s incomparable power with us. 2 Corinthians 4:7 (taken from “The Message” Translation)Robertson’s wrong. And he’s owned up to it. But, he put it out there.[Javier Grillo-Marxuach]( responded to it well:> to: pat robertsonfrom: javier grillo-marxuachre: christianity in general dude: less good friday, more easter sunday.I agree with Javi. The glory that is Christ Alive far outweighs and utterly eclipses the horrors of the Cross. Yet, thank God for both.


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