A new start.

I don’t know what my problem was, but getting to this point was a minor miracle. I’m completely procrastinating work I need to be doing, but this thing has been such a distraction. My equivalent to getting stumped and not being able to “save the princess.”So why am I going to this trouble? My buddy, Dave Drury is responsible for the insight that we all could save a bunch of small talk if we kept informed, current blogs. Of course, this is the same guy who, when I first talked to him about blogging thought of it as literary-self service. Wink and a nod to you, Dave.He’s likewise taught me that a blog is sort of a public accountability process for the writer. Whether a blog entry can be a warm up for a writing session or just a quick break in between the “paying gigs” to refresh the synapses, I need those things.So. This is the first entry. more for my sake than others, I’m going to TRY to import my ORIGINAL blog (from iBlog) as soon as I can.Okay….that’s all for now!


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