before I retire this evening…

can’t go to sleep without mentioning the Hardee’s Angus Burger.You know what? They run those Hardee’s Thick Burger or Angus Burger or $7 Burger ads about this time every night. And MAN. I WANT one. I can’t even go get one easily. The nearest Hardee’s is up in Edinburgh. Dang. I just want that satisfying crunch of the lettuce and pickles and onions.I’ve been reading through John August’s website ( He wrote Big Fish’s adaptation. And I think I’ve found a ScreenWriter I can identify with. He’s 5 years older than me, is even more of a Mac Geek than I am, and is entirely way too grounded for his own good. He’s and X’er and perhaps that’s all that matters. He debunks McKee and practically every other script “guru” out there. I’m glad to hear that. I think finishing McKee’s “Story” is still a good step for me, but I revisited my “On The Road to Belmont” draft and other materials and feel I could get in there and knock it out.My day was busy. This week’s been that way. I need to stay busy for obvious fiscal reasons, but I so desire to have the breathing room I need to keep myself sane and growing, spriritually and creatively.And now I must watch the CBS MailBag on Letterman, check out Strongbad, and then go to bed.


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