Feelin’ Good

New PowerBook, a few recent gigs I’ve SLAMMED, and how I’m looking forward to the summerOkay! So I’m FINALLY back to writing in my blog again. Not that I actually have any readership. Nonetheless, I feel good to be writing, to be writing on a new PowerBook, and to have a healthy outlook to my work.So, I’ve been able to put the internet fraud situation behind me. I really dig my new PowerBook and all it’s oomph. It’s horsepower pulled me through 2 back-to-back gigs without a hiccup…well, nearly. I was in Tahoe last week and found that it didn’t like getting static shocked anymore than my TiBook did. Oh well. I’m going to have to think through that for future use. Other than that, the only quirk (and it could be LIKEWISE attributable to static) is the occasional keyboard intermittence. It did it again when I got up and went to the other room and returned. I didn’t notice a shock, but who knows. I’ll keep my eye on it.Bluetooth is one of the coolest, most under-rated technologies today, I’ve discovered. It’s GREAT not having to enter contact info into my phone. And so far, I’ve enjoyed being on Cingular’s service as well. But I was talking about my new notebook. I love the keyboard. IT’s crisp and ergonomic. It “clacks” well, and my fingers don’t snag on it like on the TiBook. I’m eager to do something other than just outright web surfing, emails, and video editing. Though it’s a treat to do those tasks, I’m eager to WRITE. The blog is a good step in that direction. I’m crankin’ out the words now and I love how sturdy this notebook feels compared to my previous.Okay…I just wanted to get my Blog updated and I’ll add more later. Time for bed!


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