It All Comes Around.

For the past couple years, I’ve been happily using Posterous for my blog. The simplicity, the write ONCE, publish ANYWHERE approach was intensely well done at the time. And then, Twitter happened. Twitter gutted Posterous for their amazing talent, and in their infinite wisdom, shuttered Posterous as opposed to keeping it around. It was a brutal choice. Why they didn’t just make it free and open source is beyond me.

But the fortuitous thing is that during my grad school work, I spent most of my time writing for my coursework, and didn’t post much if at all on my blog. Also, Twitter and Facebook seemed to be getting the lion’s share of not only my attention but that of my (former) readers as well. The tide turned.

Nonetheless, the thing with tides is that they ebb and flow. So. After many years elsewhere, I am moving back to WordPress. I’m curious if it will stick and for how long.


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