Rethinking the Oil Spill and Obama’s Oval Office Speech

I've been trying to understand the entirety of this grave situation in the Gulf of Mexico. Or as Stephen Colbert has renamed it, The Gulf of America," because we broke it, we bought it. Specifically, I'm intrigued by the alleged lack of leadership touted by rightful critics towards the Obama administration as well as at BP.

During the president's speech, I saw a tweet about how Obama was reminiscent of Morgan Freeman's doomsday declaration in Deep Impact. I thought that was a stretch until Obama hit the final thought for his speech and hovered there for more than it seemed he should have. I'm referring to his statements about faith and prayer and asking the people to ask God to basically intervene. At least that's how it came across to me. It wasn't a token tip of the hat to the diverse faith of Americans. It was fairly thorough and deliberate compared to previous speeches and those of previous presidents.

Coupled with the story by Julia Whitty at Mother Jones and I too have to wonder if the gusher IS unstoppable.

Perhaps the criticism leveled at the leadership of both the White House, and of course BP, isn't due to incompetence, but sheer helplessness. Perhaps we're not being told about why the problem isn't being ameliorated because it isn't being ameliorated! It simply CAN'T be made better.

It's a dire thought, but as I weigh that consideration, there is evidence in the public relations and the messaging that indicates that possibility. Thoughts?

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