Gammons: Tigers, Joyce show class | News


Wow. I have a lot of respect for what these two men did. Joyce, for not phoning it in today, but going out there and doing his job in the face fo criticism and jeers. And Galarraga for showing no disdain whatsoever.

I’m not convinced, however, that in this particular situation, Bud Selig couldn’t intervene and fix the blatant mistake that occurred in a nano-second.

Even if the umpires would’ve conferred for like 5 seconds, they could’ve called an out and all would’ve been forgotten. It’s too bad for Joyce, and it’s too bad for the game from here on out that EVERY perfect game from here on out will have an asterisk: The 21st will really be the 22nd, and so on.

Nonetheless, it’s still the greatest game, and today’s show of class was something special.


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