It’s my 34th Birthday…so here’s some food!


Today is my birthday, and Passover’s right around the corner. So, this recipe for a matzo-like flatbread seems like a natural way to celebrate. Consider it my gift to you.

I’m feeling downright generous today, and who could blame me? Last night, the government gave me the promise of a country with affordable healthcare–something I believe is long overdue, even if the current bill is somewhat of an ugly duckling. Nonetheless, it’s the most original birthday gift I’ve ever received!

That said, I’m really jazzed about the fun my family provided for me with an AMAZINGLY SINFUL chocolate cherry cake (thanks, Steph!), some great gifts, including my dad’s vintage turntable and stack of vinyl, and my wife indulged me with a subscription to Yup. I can watch all 2400+ games this year if I wanted to.

So, happy birthday to my fellow Spring birthday buddies. Tonight, I shall raise a glass to our collective health! Join me in enjoying some simple cooking pleasures on a beautifully rainy March day in Indiana.


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