Crazy Loudmouths.

Glenn Beck is just one more dolt on a list of many, who make this country look bad to the rest of the world, and occasionally, up the ante and take down people of faith with one of their rants. I’ve always found this guy to be a reckless example of arrogance, out to do nothing but make himself rich all the while appearing like he’s some bastion of good hope standing up against the machine of liberal government. I guess this can be quite attractive to those who find themselves right of center and threatened by the current administration.

And just like Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson, not to mention Sean Hannity and other meatheads, Beck went and ostracized all of Christendom with his comments denouncing churches that practice let alone preach “social justice.”

Amy Sullivan spells it out in a post at

Still uncertain? Have a look at this infographic by British designer David McCandless and try to figure out how there isn’t a serious disconnect between a neocons’ agenda and just plain ole’ common sense, as well as the teachings Jesus.

I’m well aware that we have ample issues on which healthy debate is helpful in the formation of the best ideas. However, arguing that Christian churches are advocating nazism by helping “the least of these,” or for leaving the 99 sheep to find the one that is lost…seriously?


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