A great tool – 750words.com

750words.com takes a journaling discipline and turns it into a “no excuses” exercise and investment in your own creative development. Developer Buster Benson, has done a remarkable job taking the discipline from Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” known as “morning pages,” and bringing it to the browser. Sign up for an account and you’ll be prompted to write 750 words on a daily basis.

This corresponds approximately with Cameron’s 3-page-a-day habit, which she suggests you do in longhand. I’ve done it off and on in a notebook, but find Benson’s 750words.com to jive with my style and personality quite well. I can attest that the discipline is a commitment, but one with rewards. I feel better when I journal regularly, and am eager to see how 750words.com helps me stick to it.

What makes this tool absolutely addictive, is the instantaneous statistical analysis of your writing performance, your emotional state, themes, feelings, etc. I can’t guarantee that it’s accurate, nor do I understand how the information is compiled, but it’s VERY rewarding. Look at this report from a user who is publicly sharing his stats:


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