I Love HeyCraigApp.com.

Craigslist.org by itself is a really good thing. BUT. If you only had a personal concierge to watch for good deals as soon as they were posted, that would be truly AMAZING.

Enter HeyCraigApp.com. All you do is add some search criterion, the city or cities you want to search, and your email address. That's all. HeyCraigApp.com will notify you if it finds something matching your search.

It's been great for us to find things we need around the house or, in my case, things I've wanted for a long time but didn't feel I could afford. So far this year, I've had the BEST luck on a few things:

IKEA LillBerg Armchair – $150 new…$50 on Craigslist thanks to HeyCraigApp.com

KitchenAid Stand Mixer  – $320 new…$80 on Craigslist thanks to HeyCraigApp.com

…and as an avid cyclist, the most exciting deal this year was:

Park Tool Bicycle Repair Stand Combo & Park Wheel Truing Stand – $721 new…$55 on Craigslist thanks to HeyCraigApp.com

That's $1200 in things we use nearly everyday and really enjoy for less than $200, all thanx to HeyCraigApp.com!

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