I was incredibly fortunate to have attended this past Sunday’s Colts/Broncos matchup at Lucas Oil Stadium. We had a corporate Christmas party outing to the game, and as I had anticipated, it was THE GAME of the season.

There have been much more tense games this season, but Sunday, the Colts proved their dominance in the sport, and put themselves helmet and shoulderpads above the competition of this season as well as all-time.

Clinching simultaneously, the envious playoff position of home-field advantage alongside the coveted bye-week, AND securing the record of best winning record with the most consecutive wins ever, with a streak of 22.

Being there to witness this is now in my books as a truly historic moment in sports along with: 2007 winning streak by the Colorado Rockies, followed by GAME FOUR of the World Series, watching the Red Sox beat my aforementioned team, and most notably, watching the Cincinnati Reds’ Tom Browning pitch a perfect game in September of 1988.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m good luck to the teams I cheer for!


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