Buehrle Pitches Perfect Game

Simply astonishing. Mark Buehrle’s perfect game is captured here, out-for-out in five-and-a-half minutes. What a thing of beauty. I can’t think of anything else in all of sports like a perfect game.

If you don’t understand what the fuss is about…this video is the best example I can think of as it condenses the whole game into mere minutes.

I swear, your jaw will drop at 4:15 when you see DeWayne Wise chase down a centerfield homerun and blatantly STEAL the ball from the forces of evil that would dare try to put asunder such an accomplishment in the making.

I was incredibly fortunate to be at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati for the 1988 Tom Browning perfect game against the Dodgers. I was only a 12-year-old and had no idea the magnitude of what I was watching that September night with my lifelong friend Rudy and his grandparents. Especially since we waited out something like a 3-hour rain delay. Browning’s was the 12th EVER. I still have the ticket stub some 20 years later.

To see Buehrle throw only the 19th EVER today gives me a fresh appreciation for seeing Browning do it. And I can’t overlook DeWayne Wise who left it all on the field for his teammate. Can’t say any starting pitcher for the Dodgers could count on Manny Ramirez to do the same.

Way to go Mark Buerhle. And thanks for making baseball a game to love.


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