The Web Evolves.

My first foray into web publishing came with a free copy of a program called iBlog. It was for the Mac and it intrigued me. Up until that point, I knew I was missing out on having an online presence. My lack of skills in the area of web design probably sank my small business.

But a lot has changed. I outgrew iBlog and moved directly to an early version of WordPress, which has become the defacto blogging platform for it's power, flexibility, and extensibility. I've installed numerous WordPress sites over the past 5 years and have tried to keep mine current.

Twitter was the tipping point for all things in the social networking era of the web. Facebook and prior, MySpace paved the way, but now, things are in an entirely different landscape when it comes to people publishing online. Having a web presence doesn't make you unique any longer. It makes you normal. It makes you current, not cutting edge.

And as the evolution continues, I'm exploring the notion of jettisoning my main website at in lieu of a life on Twitter and other tools and trends. Posterous seems to be a growing hub for that very thing. I might keep my WordPress site for essays, and more static stuff. We'll just see, as I wish to keep my thumb on the pulse.


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