It’s A New Day.


There is something different about America today. Something substantially different. Subtantially.That’s the word — “of substance.” What we’ve experienced today is personally moving, and the best is yet to come as it’s so obvious that the President is ready to go to work.I have had many moments today, of absolute joy about Barack Obama’s inaugural ceremony.If you weren’t able to see or hear President Obama’s speech today–even if you did–I encourage you to give it some time. It will be well spent.You can listen to it here. And I’ve uploaded a PDF transcript, along with my annotated comments about the speech, for you to follow along. It truly bears a second and third review.Written by Jon Favreau, who is quite dialed into the literate and eloquent Obama, I believe there are a few phrases in there that we’ll be quoting.Here’s the speech in it’s entirety:


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