Microsoft grabs the wheel.

Following this week’s 86’ing of the Seinfeld/Gates ads (which I’d recommend we historically refer to as “Jerry-Gate”), Microsoft is going headlong into reclaiming the phrase “I’m a PC” from Apple.I guess it worked for Microsoft in the 80’s when they copied the graphical user interface, (which Apple pulled out of Xerox’s digital dumpster), so it’ll probably work today for Microsoft.The ad agency behind the counter-attack is Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Known for their recent Volkswagen and Burger King ads, as well as many other memorable campaigns, I find it interesting that they’re an all-Mac office, but have heard that they “switched” to take on this account. They have an office in Boulder, Colorado and I sent them multiple résumés while job-hunting in Denver last winter. Not finding a gig there was probably a blessing, considering how you couldn’t pay me enough to promote Microsoft.


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