Once again, there goes the election!

McCain is not EVER going to quit. I respectfully see that he’s game for a strong battle against Obama. After seeing how the public has so quickly taken in Sarah Palin, and how hard the strategists have played the card of “McCain, the Loyal, POW Patriot,” it’s game on. Anything can happen.I know full well the nature of the National Conventions. They’re BOTH hard-leaning, preach-to-the-choir rallies that catalyze the base for a push towards election day. And I’ve seen moments of inspiration from both the Republicans and the Democrats. I’ve also seen moments of disappointment as well–from BOTH sides.I’ve read the Saddleback Forum transcript, as well as the transcripts of most of the key convention speeches that I didn’t watch. I’ve been impressed with the wives of BOTH Nominees. Cindy McCain has been COMPLETELY repainted in my mind. She or Michelle would be fantastic first ladies. Tonight, I saw Tom Ridge in a new light. I was NOT impressed with Palin’s tone, though I understand the strategy behind it. There has been grandstanding on both sides, asserting themselves NOW for the NEXT election: H.Clinton, Huckabee, Romney…all making focus-stealing comments that don’t impress too much.So…McCain. John McCain. I am amazed by his story, his history, his loyalty. It’s astounding. I don’t think he’s going to lead us to hell in a hand basket if he wins. In fact, I’m feeling like there’s more in common between the candidates than different–even in heated and exaggerated accusations of each other’s competence during the campaign . And I have hope beyond hope that whomever wins the election, they’ll quickly work to eradicate the cluster that Bush/Cheney have made of our country at home and abroad.But don’t hear me wrong–I’m still in support of Obama. I strongly believe he is what we need.What I can’t believe someone (again) put McCain in front of first, a green screen, then a blue screen. Colbert is going to EAT THIS UP.


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