Celebrity Run In.

Last week I was in Mexico, working on one of our travel programs. We were with a group at the Fairmont Mayakoba south of Cancun near Playa Del Carmen.And on Saturday, I ran into Seal. He was by himself (sorry…no Heidi Klum), evidently there to sing for some other VIP’s staying there as well.When I told Kim, she asked me, “Was Heidi with him?” I told her, “If she was, I’d have said I met Heidi Klum, not Seal!”I was at the main entrance when Seal was leaving the property, and when he pulled out his iPhone…ERICSo…how do you like your iPhone?SEALYou know, it’s not bad for a first generation product…do you have one?ERICNo…I’m waiting for the 2nd gen. (which is what you say when you can’t justify buying an iPhone no matter how bad you want one.) Rumor has it that it will be released in June.SEALOh, I don’t know that.ERICYeah, June is what they’re saying.SEALRight, right. As a phone it’s not bad…I actually PREFER my Blackberry, but it doesn’t integrate as well with my computer…Are you a Mac User?(Yes. Seal asked me this, unprovoked)ERICOh, yes…diehard Mac User.SEALIt’s simply amazing how well it integrates with my Mac.ERICAnd it’s only going to get better with the 2nd generation iPhone and beyond.Somewhere around here our conversation was interrupted.Yes…I geeked out for about 90 seconds with the man behind some of the most beloved anthems from movies like Batman Forever (Kiss from a Rose on the Grave) and Space Jam (Fly Like an Eagle).But of course, he’s best known as Mr. Heidi KlumAnd so, with deep affection and keeping with my desire to put art in front of you, I give youa Muxtape of Seal’s best hits.


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