Back Home AGAIN, in Indiana.

After 3 months of job-searching in the Denver Metro area, we’ve gratefully accepted a job with Enigma Marketing & Travel Solutions in the Castleton area of Northeast Indianapolis. Of course, Brian Smith’s persistence played a major role in the decision!Enigma was a client of my small business for 5 years, and is growing exponentially as an Indianapolis small business. Brian has built this company from the ground up to provide world-class incentive programs to his clients, many of which are nationwide household names, and major Fortune companies.Coming on board to provide marketing and communications design for Enigma and it’s clients, will be an honor and privilege. Brian has become a valued friend over the past few years, and has proven to me his business acumen and savvy as I’ve watched his outfit grow.We have a LOT to do in order to make the transition, but fortunately this time, it’s a move to familiar territory.I have a healthy amount of heartache in leaving Denver behind, as it’s a wonderful city in an amazing state. The friends we leave here are beloved, and the memories we’ve acquired will last a lifetime.But cheering on the Colts, the Indians and the Pacers is something I look forward to doing firsthand. And more importantly, being closer to family and friends is something we’ve certainly longed for.After 2+ years of being on this adventure, we’re ready for this next chapter.Thank you all for your prayers, your immeasurable support, and of course your love.We’ll keep you posted!


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