Back Home Again In Indiana.

I bet I use that title for a post EVERYTIME we’re in our homeland for a visit.Anyhow…Kim and I are in Indiana and Ohio from 9/7-9/23.We were nuts and drove STRAIGHT THROUGH last night. Yup. Denver to Columbus, 1,135 miles or so, 9 bathroom breaks, 4 tanks of gas, and a metric buttload of caffeine to keep us from tanking.We’d love to see as many folks as possible while we’re here, but realize we’re not going to get around to seeing everyone, unfortunately. So I thought I’d post here about our visit to encourage you to shoot me an email about getting together.Kim and I here for two main reasons: Firstly, my sister’s getting married 9/22! Secondly, we’re working to meet with our supporters to continue to work on our financial shortfall. We hope to give a full report of where we stand, in our next newsletter after we return to Colorado.Thanks to all, and I can’t wait to see you!


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