Yes, I just had West Nile Virus.

I mean it. I’m serious. Last weekend, I was bitten by infected mosquitos in my backyard and until today, have had a fever, nausea, headaches, back pain, the works. Fortunately it was a mild case, and my fever seems to have broken as of this morning.

It sounds worse than it is, is my verdict, but man….what a scare.

The only way we’d have known what it was is that on Saturday of last weekend, I found a sick sparrow while mowing. I sat with the little guy for a while (all the while being bitten by the same mosquitos that he had been dining on) trying to figure out what was wrong with him. After a couple hours he was still breathing so we went looking for a place to take him. And the folks at this wildlife rehab center said, “Looks like this sparrow has West Nile.”

Yeah…just what I wanted to hear. Fortunately, I quickly learned that it only lasts for a few days and that tylenol/ibuprofen eliminates most of the symptoms.

Regardless, I’m left with only a sinus infection (no idea about that) that’s getting wiped by antibiotics.

As I get back into the flow, enjoy the following completely unrelated, though entirely hilarious homage to the current though departing-soon-enough commander in chief.


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