The Kingdom Is Waiting.

The latest regarding our support account is that we have “made our needs known.” I have no miraculous story to report about how God has honored our faith. At least yet. It may take a few weeks to see if we receive any feedback in the form of increased giving from our donor base.But frankly, that’s not the point. At least not how I see it. The short of it is this: I feel VERY STRONGLY about being on-board at Kingdom Building Ministries at this VERY POINT IN TIME in order to help the organization open up revenue streams that reduce our dependency on charitable giving. However, I do NOT want to see us decrease our dependence upon God’s provision.And I believe that as God provides for our needs, sometimes His provision isn’t a financial gift. It’s the wits to love God with your MIND, as Jesus said in Matthew 22:37, putting one’s critical thinking (which is a blessing from God) to work in a way that increases the potential for Him to do something mighty in our midst.In the Old Testament, I connect with the “men of Issachar,” according to 1 Chronicles 12:32, men “who knew the times.” They were one of the groups that gathered around David at Hebron, “All these were fighting men who volunteered to serve in the ranks. They came to Hebron fully determined to make David king over all Israel. (v.38)Fully determined. These men took the mission seriously…and it had MESSIANIC implications–the genealogy of Jesus hinged upon David becoming King. Likewise, I, my wife, and my colleagues at KBM take our work seriously. We are helping the church evacuate the pews and get out there where lives need the truth of Jesus. We are helping individuals find God in the midst of life’s noise. And I know that my fellow co-workers are helping EXTEND THE REACH of this potent bunch of preachers so that EVEN MORE people are hearing about the Kingdom of God.I’m convinced we’re on the right track…and we’re not waiting until we “get it right” to “get to work.” Even this weekend a visiting potential staff member who stayed at our house, led TWO random people towards following Jesus: one on a disc golf course this Saturday, another on the flight home…and this wasn’t even one of our “official” KBM events! Other stories from people who heard one of our speakers find their way back to the home office–teens who’ve quit “cutting,” drug addicts who’ve turned over their “stash,” husbands choosing to STAY in their marriages, and on and on.As I write this, tomorrow, John Vermilya packs for an event with an estimated 4,000 in attendance. He’s spoken to at LEAST 50,000 people since JANUARY. We talked today about a new message of his that proves God’s existence without even using scripture. He’s literally equipping youth and young adults (let alone his humble country church in northern Michigan) with the mental wherewithal to ENGAGE the world at large with the Gospel. John and I are working to get a DVD produced that will allow EVEN MORE people to hear this message.Later this week, I continue planning a TOTAL KBM web overhaul for this fall, edit a couple more message CD’s and work with a designer to move Kim’s recent manuscript further towards a print date…By the way–she JUST did a weekend women’s retreat where she spent some INTENSE TIME encouraging and challenging this group of women from her place of brokenness. It was very apparent that a couple of ladies in this group NEEDED to hear someone credible talk about her hope in God. Kim was able to be that messenger.It’s an honor for me (and Kim as well) to serve in a behind the scenes role that makes gets more of John (and our other speakers) in front of MORE people. And it’s clear to me that God prepared me from one milestone to the next to be where I am today. My experiences, skills, and blessings have a ridiculous amount of relevance to the day-in, day-out at KBM here in Denver.So, let me clarify. I’m not asking for people to support Eric and Kim. I’m asking for folks to BUY IN to the mission to which we’ve committed ourselves–to INVEST in Kingdom Building Ministries, because GOOD THINGS are happening. God’s blessing is THICK. The Kingdom is waiting. May the King get the glory.Links are in the post below to our newsletter and pledge card


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