The Kensington Fire.

We all heard about the fire last week in South Carolina that claimed the lives of 9 firefighters. And although not as tragic, another blaze (I think the next day) in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Kensington, destroyed the homes of a number of families living in or near the building.Corey Brasher sent me a link to a YouTube video that covered the story which includes Shane Claiborne, author of “The Irresistable Revolution,”. Evidently, Shane’s organization “The Simple Way,”has been involved with this neighborhood, reaching out to those here.I met Shane when I was at the Ichthus Music Festivaljust 2 weeks ago. I told him, “I love your book…I haven’t read it yet, but enough folks have told me I need to read it, so I promise I will, and this is a pre-emptive compliment and thank you for writing it.”Not only am I “that guy,” I’m also the type that gets impacted when he hears that this incident occurred just 4 days after meeting a guy. It makes me all antsy that I’m not doing “enough” when I run into guys like this.God have mercy on me that I might someday GET IT.Watch the video below, and pay special attention to Shane’s statement “practice Resurrection…”If you are having trouble watching the video above, you can see it at by following THIS LINK.


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