The Way We Do Things.

A few months ago, I read Mark Driscoll’s [*Confessions of a Reformission Rev.*](…). It was a downright hilarious read, and quite insightful towards the evolution of the way we do church. It chronicles Driscoll’s highlights of launching Mars Hill Seattle (not to be confused with the COMPLETELY separate Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan, which is pastored by Rob Bell).Driscoll comes across as a meathead quite often–not at all sugar-coating his thoughts on the state of the church, or pretty much any issue. But there’s also a bit to admire in that because he’s more interested in boldly following Jesus than ANYTHING else. And the taboos he breaks have been much needed.When he entitles a chapter, *”Jesus, Our Offering Was $137 and I Want to Use it to Buy Bullets,” you can’t help but read it!If you’re up for the read, I’ll let the book itself do the talking. But in the early pages, he’s setting the stage for the story of starting his church and he quickly peels through a list of traits surrounding the existing models for church. But the way it’s layed out on the page in bullet lists makes for a difficult comparison.So I put it into a table available here as a PDF file:[**CURRENTLY ACTIVE CHURCH MODELS (according to Driscoll)**]( was extremely helpful for me in terms of being less concerned about STYLE in our church settings and more grace-giving to the “way we do things.”BUT. It also makes me ask a bigger question…*Is one of these models more centered on the KINGDOM and less concerned about self-preservation?”*Just curious.


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